Belfast City Hall and Mast programming

We have been working on a remarkable project to light up Belfast City Centre this Christmas- including a festive Christmas theme.

Barrett Contracts were involved in the restoration of the masts installed along the street side of Donegall Place.

These feature lighting masts have been designed to create a significant impact on the street while taking into account the historic setting. The copper clad masts are 16.2 metres in height and are illuminated daily from dusk to dawn to correspond with calendar events and activities.

The masts have currently been programmed to create a multi colour dynamic scene to match the City Hall - with blue centre spine, yellow letters and yellow banner. They will colour chase up and down their spines individually. This will be the standard scene from now until the New Year.

There are further scenes programmed, including a magical Xmas Eve scene and some animation on New Years Eve.

The masts are an iconic public art feature in Belfast City Centre and we are very proud to have been involved in this reinvigoration project to enhance the environment and engage the Community.

Be sure to view this magical display over the festive period!


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